No More Kansas Mortgage Registration Tax

If you are in real estate in the Kansas City area you may have noticed that Kansas and Missouri have different sets of rules and fees to follow. One of the hardest to explain over the years has been the Kansas Mortgage Registration Tax (MRT), until now! In years past, the MRT was paid at[…]

2018 Jackson County Tax Sale

It’s that time of year for Jackson County to hold their annually Tax Sale.   The Eastern Jackson County sale is going to be held on Monday, August 13 at the Independence Courthouse and on August 20 at the Kansas City Courthouse.  Please know, to be eligible to bid on properties you must register at least 10[…]

What’s in a name??? Everything!  

It does matter what name is put on a contract. Remember that kid in school, or you may have been that kid, with that hard to pronounce name? At the beginning of every school year, or with every substitute teacher, all the kids would wait to see how the teacher would mess up that name?[…]