Today a first at Clear Title happened… We did our first Remote Online Notary (RON) closing! Our client, a seller, told us it was easy and wants to do all of her closings this way from now on.  With this service, a signer can set up a closing 24/7 and can sign in from a[…]


As most of you know, counties in the Kansas City Metro Area are going to issue a “Stay at Home” Order to go into effect Tuesday March 24th. This order states that people should stay home except for “essential activities”. In Section III. 2. viii. It states “Banks and related financial institutions” are essential and[…]

No More Kansas Mortgage Registration Tax

If you are in real estate in the Kansas City area you may have noticed that Kansas and Missouri have different sets of rules and fees to follow. One of the hardest to explain over the years has been the Kansas Mortgage Registration Tax (MRT), until now! In years past, the MRT was paid at[…]