Remote Online Notary

Today a first at Clear Title happened… We did our first Remote Online Notary (RON) closing!

Our client, a seller, told us it was easy and wants to do all of her closings this way from now on.  With this service, a signer can set up a closing 24/7 and can sign in from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Here’s a little about how it works:

  • We upload the documents for you and the notary to review.  
  • You verify your identity by taking a picture of a government issued ID and answering a couple of questions.
  • You connect with a licensed electronic notary via video and they will assist you through signing the documents.

It was great!  She liked it…  It was easy, it was fast, and it was safe.

Please note that most lenders are not set up to accept a RON transaction but for most sellers this is a great resource.

If you or your clients are interested please reach out and we can talk.

Happy closings,