Business as Usual?

“Business as usual” seems to be a bit of an irresponsponsible phrase to use these days but that’s what we are going to try to do.  With COVID-19, the new normal is changing by the hour there really is not a “usual” but there is a “best as we can.” We understand that people are scared, and what to have all the answers of “now what?” 


Real estate transactions will continue to happen as an “Essential Business” in our states of operation:  Kansas, Missouri, and Colorado. As stated in our COVID-19 OFFICE PROTOCOL below is our current procedures for closings:

  • In office closings: only the SIGNER(S) will be allowed into our office
  • The closing room and all services will be disinfected after each closing
  • Customers will be asked to take their pens with them
  • Clear Title is approved to perform Remote Online Notary (RON) services for sellers and cash buyers (call our office for more details)
  • For Earnest Money Deposits: they can be mailed, we have a form to fill out, or sent to us electronically

This has impacted all parts of the world including most Register of Deeds in the Counties we serve.  This will cause some delays but to what extent we do not know.  

In this time of world crisis, let’s come together and show grace and compassion to each other and as they say “this to shall pass” until then….

Happy Closings,