Get uncomfortable…

In order to grow I think it is very important to put ourselves into situations that stretch us out of our comfort zones. You have to get uncomfortable, do things that you have never done before.  That’s how you learn…that’s how you grow. Because you can’t have “this is awesome” moments unless you are willing put yourself into “this is crazy” situations.

Sometimes those moments start with a question like: “can you help me?” or “have you done a transaction like this before?” But one of my favorites questions is “how come this title company said it can’t be done but you can?” (that one is for a different post). This is why I love what I do… I love helping people, I love real estate, and I love a challenge.

I don’t mind digging into a transaction that’s ‘hard’ or takes a lot of time. In fact I enjoy it, even if it may not be the best “business decision” to do so. I do this job because I see an opportunity to demystify a process that makes a lot of people nervous and help them get into or out of a home.  There is so much emotion involved in a real estate transaction and I believe we have the opportunity to help those emotions be as positive as possible. So, if I don’t have the answer, I will do everything I can to find it for you. I believe this is what lead me to one of the most memorable transactions I’ve done.

A couple of years ago I had a transaction that stretched me. I got a phone call that went something like “Hello I’m {realtor} with {real estate company} and I’m working with {seller} and he asked me to call you. Can you handle a transaction with multi single family homes?”…Sure! I knew the seller, we have worked on a couple of transactions together that were a “bit different”. He was always very nice and would apologize about “not having an easy transaction for me”. I knew he held most of his properties as rental properties and was an agent himself, so I thought it was weird that someone was calling on his behalf. A few days went by, maybe a couple of weeks and I moved on with business as usual. Then I got the contract, it was a normal contract, at first: one buyer, one seller. In the address section it had “see exhibit A”, and that was when the stretching began. It was a 97 single family unit transaction and the seller was ready to liquidate his portfolio.

After a few phone calls to figure out the details, we started working on the searches. As they started to come back we discovered the properties sat in five different counties in two states, and a few of them had some outstanding title issues. The seller owned the properties in three different entities (with multiple spellings of the entities) and the buyer now brought on a joint venture partner. And to top it all off, it was seller financed. The buyers were looking to jumpstart their business in the Kansas City market and found an out of state partner in an investment fund looking to increase their holdings.

Despite the hurdles, we ended up closing on time and it went as smooth as possible. And that transaction helped me as much as it helped all the parties involved. I learned so much from it, built great lasting relationships from it and I feel it made me better at what I do. I still get referral phone calls from people that say the seller sent them to me even though he no longer works in real estate, and we still work with the buyer.

If I didn’t take the time to help the seller with his small, untraditional deals, he would have never trusted me with his largest deal ever. If I didn’t handle that deal, I would have never met the great people that have become great business partners for years. Also, I would not have grown in my confidence that has allowed us to close deals over five times the value of this deal.

Whether you are an investor closing on your first home or a seasoned investor looking to buy a portfolio, you can trust us to help you through it, because I’ve been through it.

Happy Closings,