What’s in a name??? Everything!  

It does matter what name is put on a contract.

Remember that kid in school, or you may have been that kid, with that hard to pronounce name? At the beginning of every school year, or with every substitute teacher, all the kids would wait to see how the teacher would mess up that name? You knew it was coming, as the teacher went down the attendance list the anticipation built. When the name was read and everyone chuckled out loud or under their breath, and sometimes someone would correct the teacher but sometimes it was fun NOT to correct it. Either way, that kid was always annoyed!

When writing a contract for your clients, a small thing that you could do to positively affect their transaction is to ask the buyer “how would you like to go on title?”

The way their name is listed on the contact is the starting point for the rest of their relationship with their home, because most of the documents in the transaction will follow your lead. So, if you enter in their full name, like “Brett Robertson Hart,” that’s how the title company is going to prepare their documents, there’s a good chance the lender will prepare their docs that way, and more importantly that is how your clients are going to have to sign their closing documents…98 times. Each page, there will be a sigh, maybe a giggle, and a “man, how many more times do I have to sign this way”.  

You could have been an awesome agent throughout the buying process and negotiated a great price with all of the seller concessions that your client asked for, but the last thing they will do in the pursuit of their dream ends with a sigh and a “I’m glad that’s over”.

And down the road if they ever refinance, they will remember that. “Oh yeah, when I bought my house someone screwed up and now I have to sign this way, again.” Sigh. Trust me, I hear it in closings.

Remember, one little question will show your buyer that you are thinking of them, it helps the title company, and it could lead to more referrals for you.

Happy Closings,



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